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Currently accessible trail information for the San Francisco Bay Area can be found at

Wheelchair Riders Guide

Get a copy of A Wheelchair Rider's Guide: San Francisco Bay and the Nearby Coast

Available from California Costal Conservancy. Many natural areas, parks, urban waterfronts, and hundreds of miles of trails along the California coast and on San Francisco Bay are now accessible to wheelchair riders and others with limited mobility. A Wheelchair Rider's Guide: San Francisco Bay and the Nearby Coast describes more than a hundred beautiful and interesting sites around the entire bay and on the ocean between Point Reyes and Santa Cruz.

Disabled Persons Parking Placard

According to California Vehicle Code Section 22511.5(b), out of state and country disabled parking permits are considered valid for parking in designated disabled parking spaces. (generally colored blue).

If you are traveling from another country or state and don’t have a placard you can obtain a temporary travel placard application either online at, or by writing to:
PO Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

They will send you an application but it must be signed by a physician and is only issued to persons with a permanent disability. The doctor signing the application must make the verification of disability documents available to the California Medical Board if requested.

When you arrive in California, take the application to any Department of Motor Vehicles office and they will issue you a temporary placard good for up to three months. Your placard must be hung from the rearview mirror and allows you to park in blue zones and to park at most metered parking spaces for free. Private lots generally do not offer discounts to placard holders.

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San Francisco

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