Scott Creek Beach

  • Accessible Parking
  • Beach Wheelchair


  • Accessible Parking
  • Beach Wheelchair


Monterey/Santa Cruz
Info: (831) 454-7901
Res: (831) 454-7938
Sunrise to sunset
Not allowed, service animals OK
Last Visited:
January 2009
Scott Creek Beach, just off Highway One, several miles north of Davenport, is a great place to watch surfers but not so good for swimming due to a strong undertow. At its northern end, if the winds are right, you may see a colorful array of kiteboarders and sailboats dotting the water. Wheelchair access is limited to the 100-foot plastic boardwalk that leads from the parking area to a beach overlook. If you have a beach wheelchair and are ambitious, you can back the chair down the steep sections of sand until you arrive at the flat beach. It's often breezy, so layered clothing is advisable.

Trails and Pathways

Boardwalk to overlook
Trailhead Location:
Begins at parking area
Trail Length:
Less than .5 mile
Typical Width:
4 ft. & above
Typical Grade:
Typical Terrain:
More Info: May be sand on boardwalk Mostly level, with some low, rolling bumps

Accessibility Features

The facilities listed below meet all of our access criteria unless otherwise noted.
Accessible Parking:
Yes – designated accessible parking, van accessible, hard, level or slope no greater than 2%; Street parking; one designated spot

Accessible Restroom:
No – No restroom at this site 

Beach Wheelchair:
Yes – You can rent a beach wheelchair from Shared Adventures (831-459-7210,, but you will have to pick it up in Santa Cruz.

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