Tenaya Lodge-Explorer Cabin

  • Accessible Parking
  • WiFi
  • Food available on-site
  • Electricity
  • Dogs allowed


  • Accessible Parking
  • WiFi
  • Food available on-site
  • Electricity
  • Dogs allowed


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Number of Accessible Units:
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High Sierra
1122 Hwy 49, Yosemite, CA 93623
Info: (559) 683-6555
Res: (888) 514-2167
Allowed with restrictions
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July 2020
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Located near Yosemite National Park’s south entrance Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite offers a variety of lodging options including cottage rooms, lodge rooms, suites, and reviewed here, the Explorer Cabins which opened in 2018. The cabins are located on 27 forested acres with views of a creek, pond and alpine meadows.  When open (temporarily closed due to Covid-19) a continental breakfast and afternoon reception is offered at the Explorer Clubhouse, a central gathering place for guests staying at the Explorer Cabins. From there it's about a 10-minute walk along a quiet path to the main lodge if you want to indulge in the resorts amenities; spa, dining, pools and gameroom. (check for temporary closures). 

When you're ready to explore Yosemite you might want to avoid the hassel of driving and take advantage of one of the tours offered in a custom-made wheelchair-accessible tour bus complete with a retractable glass roof.

Outdoor Accessibility

The facilities listed below meet all of our access criteria unless otherwise noted.
Accessible Parking:
Yes – Designated accessible parking space with access aisle, Firm surface, slope not greater than 1:12

Entry to Sleeping Unit:
Level entry, doors at least 32" clearance

Paths of travel:
Accessible path of travel to sleeping area.

Indoor Accessibility

Unit Reviewed:
9 & 42

These premium, 2-bedroom Explorer Cabins have a living area furnished with a sleeper sofa, an easy chair, and a gas fireplace. The adjacent kitchenette is equipped with a sink, microwave, wetbar, and a refrigerator. One bedroom has a large deck where there is plenty of room to lounge while soaking up views of Big Creek. To add to the cabin's cushiness, each cabin comes with free Wi-Fi, a television, binoculars, s'more kits and a Keurig coffee maker. 

clear 32" path to temperature controls, thermostat no higher than 48", clear 32" path to lighting controls, light switch no higher than 48"

sleeps 6, 2 Queen beds and sleeper sofa, at least 36" clear space along one side of bed, 23 inches high

electrical outlets are available indoors, unit is heated

Useful to know:

When planning your trip to Yosemite check out the park's access guide published in 2015 and for another useful planning tool visit Wheelchair Traveling's website


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