Big Sur Lodge

  • Accessible Parking
  • Food available on-site
  • Electricity
  • Dogs allowed


  • Accessible Parking
  • Food available on-site
  • Electricity
  • Dogs allowed


Property Type:
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Monterey/Santa Cruz
47225 Hwy 1, Big Sur, CA 93920
Res: 8552386950
Last Visited:
August 2023

Unwind and unplug (very limited WiFi & cell service) and experience nature at picturesque Big Sur. 62 non-smoking cottage-style guest accommodations are set amongst the redwoods. The main lodge (must drive there from the accessible cabin) has a restaurant, gift shop, general store and an espresso house. The outdoor pool has a lift. Room rates include free entrance to all 3 state parks in Big Sur.


Outdoor Accessibility

The facilities listed below meet all of our access criteria unless otherwise noted.
Accessible Parking:
Yes – Designated accessible parking space with access aisle, van accessible, Firm surface, slope not greater than 1:12

Entry to Sleeping Unit:
Entry by ramp with slope of 1:12 or less, doors at least 32" clearance

Paths of travel:
Accessible path of travel to sleeping area.

More Info:
To reach the on-site restaurant you need to drive there.   Accessible picnic tables are at adjoining state park.

Indoor Accessibility

Unit Reviewed:

This 750 Sq ft. accessible suite contains one queen bed in the main room and a second queen bed in the bedroom, a roll-in shower, furnished outdoor deck, seating and dining area, small refrigerator, portable fan, and a coffee maker. There are no electronics (no TV, Telephone, A/C or alarm clocks).

The other ADA unit has a queen bed, sleeper sofa, and a kitchen.

no clear 32" path to temperature controls, thermostat no higher than 48", clear 32" path to lighting controls, light switch no higher than 48", clear 32" path to curtains

sleeps 4, 2 queen beds and a sleeper sofa., less than 36" clear space around bed, bed(s) are moveable, 27.5 inches high

accessible electrical outlets are available indoors, unit is heated,unit does not have air conditioning or fan

More Info:
The bed in the main area has 32 in. & 25 in. clearance on the sides. The bed in the bedroom was not checked for clearance. The bed is moveable but very heavy.

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