Steep Ravine Cabins at Mt. Tam

  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Picnic Table
  • Accessible Restroom
  • Firewood for sale
  • Accessible BBQ


  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Picnic Table
  • Accessible Restroom
  • Firewood for sale
  • Accessible BBQ


Property Type:
Number of Accessible Units:
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San Francisco Bay Area
801 Panoramic Highway, Stinson Beach, CA 94970
Info: (800) 444-7275
Service dogs only
Last Visited:
January 2017
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Ten rustic cabins and a small campground, both with ocean views, perch on the rim of a steep ravine right off California’s scenic coastal Highway 1 near Stinson Beach. The cabins are in high demand so plan well in advance. Both the cabins and campground are located down a steep and winding road and an entry gate at the entry may be difficult to manage for those with limited dexterity.

A nearby .5-mile dirt-and-gravel fire road with several very steep sections may be accessible to some powered mobility devices.

The accessible campsite (#7) is accessed via a ramp from the parking lot and it has plenty of level space to pitch a tent. There is  a picnic table, lowered food storage box and a raised grill.

Outdoor Accessibility

The facilities listed below meet all of our access criteria unless otherwise noted.
Accessible Parking:
Yes – Designated accessible parking space with access aisle, van accessible, Firm surface

Accessible Picnic Table:
Yes – reachable by firm and stable path, firm and stable surface, knee clearance at least 27" high

Entry to Sleeping Unit:
sloped entry of 1:12 or less, doors at least 32" clearance

Paths of travel:
Accessible paths of travel to sleeping area and restroom.

Indoor Accessibility

Unit Reviewed:

The cabin provides significant relief from the fierce ocean elements with a sliding window to let in what you will. Inside, an iron fireplace keeps visitors warm and provides the only lighting at night.  A counter provides space to prepare meals and there is a table with benches.  Two accessible double-size sleeping platforms are high when you add a mattress and require good upper body strength to transfer from a wheelchair. The single bed is inaccessible. Outside the cabin is a grill and water spigot. You must bring sleeping bags, mattresses, linen, and food. Wood is for sale at nearby cubbies.

sleeps 5, 2 double, 1 single, at least 36" clear space along one side of bed, bed(s) are not moveable, 24 inches high

no outdoor electrical outlets, unit is heated (Wood-burning heater),unit does not have air conditioning or fan,no potable water is available ensuite

Closest to cabin

Bathroom Features:
path to bathroom is not lighted, door has at least 32" clearance, at least 5'x5' turn circle, at least 28" clear space at toilet, grab bars on back wall and at least one side of toilet, toilet height between 17" and 19", sink clearance at least 27" high and 30" wide.

Bathroom Barriers:

There is no light in the bathroom so a headlamp is recommended.

More Info:
There are no showers. May not be able to hang the curtains from a wheelchair.

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