Name Region Activities
Achieve Tahoe RegionHigh Sierra ActivitesAdaptive skiing, snowboarding, water and jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, and 4-WD adventures.
Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra RegionHigh Sierra ActivitesAlpine and NordicĀ skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, cycling, camping, hiking
Shared Adventures RegionMonterey/Santa Cruz Activiteshorseback riding, kayaking, sailing, beach activities, scuba diving
Access Adventures RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesHorse carriage driving
Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesKayaking, White Water Rafting, Cross Country Skiing (for Blind)
Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP) RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesAdaptive Cycling, Outdoor Adventures, Wheelchair Basketball, Goalball, Fitness Classes
Bay Area Assoc. of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesDinghy and Keelboat sailingĀ 
Equi-Ed RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesHorseback Riding
No Limits Collaborative RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesSwimming, Cycling, Racing
Halleck Creek Ranch RegionSan Francisco Bay Area ActivitesHorseback riding
Ride A Wave RegionSouth Bay ActivitesSurfing
Monterey Bay Horsemanship and Therapeutic Center RegionSouth Bay ActivitesHorseback riding

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