Accessible Birding

General Information about Birds and Birding

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

National Audubon Society

Birdability for Disabled Birders

Northern CA Accessible Birding Locations

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

Sacramento Audubon Society

Bird ID for SF Bay Area

Fold out guide

Birding the Bay Trail

Common Birds of San Mateo County

Common Birds of SF/Bay Area

Articles about Accessible Birding Sites in Northern CA

Emerging Horizons San Pablo Reservoir

San Joaquin Refuge

Merced National Wildlife Refuge

Adapted Birding Equipment

FSHD Birder


Bird ID and Citizen Scientist



Great Backyard Bird Count

eBird Free Introductory Course


Merlin Bird ID

BirdNet Bird Song ID

Larkwire Learn Bird Songs

Bay Area Native Plants and Gardening for Birds and Pollinators

CA Native Plant Society



National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife

Drawing Birds

John Muir Laws

Accessible Trails Beyond Northern CA

Accessible Camps & Retreat Centers

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